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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What is mindGigs?

mindGigs connects people that are looking for work with people that want to hire people for work. This work can be the form of a tutor that can teach you a skill such as French, Mathematics or Web Development. Or it could be someone that helps you develop a website, design your product or run your social media.

How do I ensure I get the quality of work that I want?

First, you will have to make sure you hire the right person for the work you are looking for. If you can afford it and there is someone available locally than that is usually the best choice as you have the best chance of communicating well. If you can not afford someone locally than you can hire someone from a remote part of the world which might be more affordable.

Second, you need to guide and monitor the person you have hired. You can use tools like www.timedoctor.com to keep an eye on the work that is being produced as this takes a screenshot of the worker every few minutes so you can see that they are working on your project when they are saying that they are working on your project. You can also use a tool like www.slack.com to help improve the communication. We also recommend tools like www.WhatsApp.com so that you can speak and message the person effecitively. There is also www.Skype.com so you can hold video calls with your freelancer.

What tools can help me deliver the project quicker?

You will have to figure out what works best for you but here are a few tools we recommend:

  • www.trello.com - a free tool to help you project manage your project. In trello you can create three buckets "to do", "doing" and "done". Each bucket has cards on it for the tasks to do. You can assign each task to the different people on your team. Trello is free to use.
  • www.Skype.com - Skype allows you to communicate for free. There is a "Share my Screen" feature that allows you to share screen. You can also do group calls to upto 25 people. Skype is free to use.
  • www.WhatsApp.com - WhatsApp allows instant communications. This allows you to message when you might be at work or somewhere else. It is like SMS but better. You can also create groups so that it is easier to communicate with a team. You can also use WhatsApp to call and speak to people instantly. There are a few countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia in which calling is banned but check this with the person you are hiring. WhatsApp is free to use.
  • www.Slack.com - Slack is a better communication tool. It allows you to create channels so that different team members can talk in their own channel. You can tag people using "@" so they get the message. Slack comes in useful when you grow from a few people (where you can use WhatsApp) to a growing team. Slack is a market leader in the development industry. Slack is initially free to use but can grow to $7 per user and above.
  • We recommend having a daily call to keep your team on track and deal with any hurdles. At mindGigs for instance we have a daily call at 8 am UK time 7 days a week. Even if some of the team is unable to join we have it anyway to keep the momentum going for our own startup. We have had failures in the past as we didn't closely monitor the work our teams were doing and this led to a lot of wastage.

How do I make payments?

You will pay mindGigs for the work through your credit or debit card. We use BraintreePayments which is the same technology that companies such as Uber, Pinterest and AirBnb use. It is safe to use and we do not store your credit card information. You can also make payments through bank transfer.

What is your long term vision for mindGigs?

In the long term we even think about opening up mindGigs academies in remote parts of the world where wages are low. We plan to help train up people so that they have the skills to work anywhere in the world. We also plan to run short courses in large cities like London, New York and San Francisco so we teach people how to effectively bring an idea to market.

What are some tips for hiring?

Do spend some time to look through people's profiles. Think if you would like to hire locally or hire remotely. If you hire locally it might be more expensive but you might get your project delivered quicker as it will be easier to communicate face to face. You can start by hiring someone for 15 minutes. If you like what you hear in the interview than you can hire for a day or you might then hire for a month. You can view the ratings that other people have left the person you have hired.

What are some tips for being hired?

Upload a smart photo of yourself, preferably with a smile. People that have a photo are 5 times more likely to be hired than profiles without a photo as more trust is built. List all your skills and your references. Upload as much information about yourself as possible such as your National Identity Card or your Passport Copy. When you don't have a job, try and go through online tutorials to teach yourself skills.

What are some tips for working in an international environment?

In order to be successful with mindGigs you need to learn how to work in an international environment - the people you are working with might be from a very different culture than yours. Avoid using religious terms. This includes "Salaam, Shaloom, God Bless, Inshallah, Mashallah" etc. This is because the client or your freelancer might not be the same background as yours and might find these terms offensive. Try to study the other person's culture and have a bit of background about their country. You can start by looking up their country on www.wikipedia.org. You can see the currency conversion from google "E.g. GBP 100 to PKRS" to convert 100 British pounds to Pakistani Rupees. We always present things in your base currency (e.g. if you are in the UK it is British Pounds, in France it is the Euro, In US it is the US Dollar, in Pakistan it is the Pakistani Rupees). The only slight thing to look out for is the actual money received or charged might slightly change due to currency fluctuation.

What if I am not happy with the person I have hired?

In the first instance, you should communicate with the person you hired that you are not happy with their performance and you might terminate their contract. If the performance still does not improve you can think about terminating the person and hiring someone else. You can instantly terminate the contract and we will pay the person up to the day that you had hired them. You can also leave a bad rating for the person you hired which acts as an incentive for better performance.

What happens if my freelancer doesn't turn up?

If your freelancer does not turn up then you will have be able to let us know through the system and we will give you a full refund for the work. You can also leave a bad rating for the freelancer so they are less likely to let other people down. Occasionally, this will happen due to family or another type of emergency and so you should be able to reschedule.

How do I get paid?

Tutors which are based in the UK will be paid via bank transfer therefore they have to give us their sort code and account number. Other tutors around the world will have to give us their IBAN number (International Bank Account Number) and we will pay through our partner www.transferwise.com. We make the payments on the 1st and 15th of each month. For those based in the UK this will mean an instant transfer, for those based in other countries it can take 3 to 7 working days to get paid.

How do I contact a freelancer?

You can view the profile page of all freelancers. You can message them through the platform or use one of their contact numbers such as WhatsApp, Skype or mobile number.

What qualifications do I need to become a freelancer?

You don't need any qualification to become a freelancer. However, the more qualifications you have the better you will stand out. This may be especially important if you would like to be a tutor. The mindGigs platform gives you the opportunity to upload all the certificates that you have.

Why was mindGigs founded?

mindGigs was founded by a frustrated internet entrepreneur, Amir Anzur. Amir was frustrated at luanching his various internet ventures which he has been doing since 1999. The biggest problem was in reliability of staff. Very few people have the work ethic that is required to help a startup become a success. mindGigs aims to help those people that have a dream or an idea and bring it to reality. You will need a hardworking team to help you achieve your dreams. This will mean hiring people that deliver what they say they will deliver. The team can be hired locally or remotely. You can hire interns to work for you for free - but they will require more training. Or you can get a experienced developer to work for you. Depending of in they are local (more expensive) or if they are remote (usually better value) you can bring your project to reality. mindGigs also has many digital innovations. For instance, you can track the screen of the freelancer to ensure that they are working on your project. You can also make money from spreading the word about mindGigs. For each person you refer you make 5% of whatever they spend or whatever they earn for one full year.

I love mindGigs, can I earn money from spreading the word about mindGigs?

Yes. With mindGigs you create a unique profile page. For instance, www.mindGigs.com/amiranzur. You simply spread that URL to your friends. If that is the first time that a person has clicked on mindGigs platform than we give you 5 % of whatever they spend or earn through the platform. So for instance if someone that has clicked on your link spends GBP 1,000 over the year on our platform, you will make GBP 50. If someone earns GBP 500 through the platform, you will earn GBP 25. There is an unlimited amount you can earn. You must be the first person they heard about the platform from. So for instance, if we have already put a cookie that they first clicked on www.mindGigs.com/amiranzur than if they later click on www.mindGigs.com/johnsmith the credit will still go to amiranzur.